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DIGEST • Our intestinal stimulant
Feed supplement for ornamental birds
DIGEST is an intestinal stimulant for birds and contains prebiotic substances. Benign bacteria, essential for good digestion, live in the digestive system of birds. The ingredients of DIGEST create a protective film on the intestinal mucosa and promote these benign bacteria. By stabilising the mucosa, pathogenic bacteria can no longer attach themselves to the intestinal wall and thus inhibts their growth. DIGEST also regulates the necessary pH value in the intestinal flora.
Composition: Fruit pectin, mannan-oligosaccharides, insulin, sodium chloride, and carob flour.
Use: 1x tablespoon per 100g egg-feed, 3-4 times per week. Against diarrhoea, apply for 5 consecutive days.
Generally against stress (exhibition, changes, strain…) for 5 consecutive days.