100 ml • 250 ml • 500 ml

For metabolic stimulation, particularly after the administration of medicine and during increased stress (exhibition, transport, relocation, breeding). Vitamin B1 optimises the use of carbohydrates, vitamin B2 supports enzymes and cell respiration, vitamin B6 helps in the use of proteins and their conversion into amino acids. All of the B vitamins are closely related to the nervous system, Biotin is additional related to the skin.
Nutritional additives per/lt:
• Methionine 10.000mg • Vitamin B1 4.000mg • Vitamin B2 5.600mg • Vitamin B6 4.000mg • Vitamin B12 25mg • Biotin 50mg • Nicotinic acid 25.000mg • Sorbitol 10.000mg • Potassium sorbate 1.000mg
Directions for use: 1ml in 1lt drinking water.