17. April 2017


100 ml • 250 ml • 500 ml MUKOZIT • Gastro-intestinal tract Composition: Extracts of wild garlic, bearberry, horse radish, camomile, echinacea, tormentil, sage, nasturtium. Analytical […]
23. March 2017


250 ml GARLIC Garlic contains effective sulphur compounds the most important of which is allicin. It prevents indigestion and improves blood circulation. Furthermore, it supports the […]
23. March 2017


100 ml • 250 ml MINERAL Easyyem MINERAL contains valuable and indispensable minerals which stimulate the metabolism. It also takes care of the higher demand for […]
23. March 2017


100 ml • 250 ml PROVIT-A Recessive white canaries and blue Gouldian finches cannot form vitamin A from the carotene included in the food. This is […]